Rising Paradise Community

Rising Paradise Community

Hello dear people,

Rising Paradise Community welcomes you on this website. We are a multi gaming community. What does this mean? We offer the possibility to talk to other players from different country's over EU West. This is not just about League of Legends, Counter Strike or Dota 2. Here, every MMO is welcome. Right now i reorganize the community into a more competitive direction.

Why should you join us?

Now answering this is easy. We are a community of gamers for gamers. There are virtually no rules or obligations. Unless of course you want to actively work on the community. Our point is that you play together and have fun.

Why this name?

We chose the name because we are a team of young and up-and-coming admins who have a lot in common with the community. For example, the idea of the space in the community opens the Europe of Europe and not only for the German-speaking countries. If you have any questions just send me a message by the contact form.

Another small note in my own case. Flamer, Hater, racists or the like are not tolerated with us. We are a peaceful and above all a tolerant community. Since we are not all students, it may happen that there is no admin to speak for a while, but that does not mean the rules will not be in effect. Currently we are still working on the homepage so please do not be surprised if it is empty for now.

Greetings Manu Founder and HeadAdmin